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What is a Workplace Giving Campaign?

It is an annual drive conducted at your workplace that offers employees an opportunity to make a financial contribution to a wide range of arts and heritage organizations across the Greater Knoxville region.

Why is Employee Giving so important?

  • Employee participation broadens the base of support for the arts and heritage and inspires many to discover the Greater Knoxville Area's rich cultural offerings;
  • Workplace Giving Programs are efficient and effective. They provide employees the opportunity to individually decide if they would like to support the arts in the region;
  • Many individuals still believe that the arts and heritage are supported by wealthy benefactors and corporations.  However, last year, the support base for arts and heritage across the country was broadened by funds like this, boosted by support from over 100,000 individuals;
  • Workplace Giving Programs provide more people with the opportunity to support arts and heritage in their communities. Because the majority of people in the Greater Knoxville area have never been directly asked to participate, they have never had the opportunity to make that important, individual decision to financially support arts and heritage;
  • Greater Knoxville area residents are searching for an opportunity to be a part of something positive and uplifting.  Workplace Giving Programs have a positive effect on employee morale;
  • Effective and imaginative Workplace Giving Programs can stimulate creativity, build teamwork, and generate positive feelings about the company.  In addition, employees become more connected to the community, discover ways to enrich personal and family life, and derive satisfaction from supporting arts and heritage.

By conducting a successful Workplace Giving effort, your company will help the Arts & Heritage Fund provide a stable source of financial support and make high-quality arts and heritage experiences accessible for everyone in Greater Knoxville. A Workplace Giving Campaign workbook is available with general information about the Arts & Heritage Fund, ideas to help make your organization’s participation a success, and answers to frequently asked questions.  Please contact us to receive this book.


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